The Eclipse by Button Spirit - It's the detail that makes the difference !

This detail intrigues. If you notice one on a shirt or a blouse, it’s the "Eclipse".

Its purpose: Eclipse buttons

The Eclipse is a trendy and unique fashion accessory. It can be clipped on and changed in the blink of an eye, according to your desires and moods. Your look is suddenly enhanced !
We designed this first collection, which includes 4 lines of products and 24 models to please everyone.

How to put on the Eclipse ?

Open the Eclipse, hold the base and insert the tab between the button and the shirt. Then close the Eclipse until it clicks.

To remove the Eclipse, unclick it by pulling the bottom part of the tab towards you.

How to put on the Eclipse ?
How to put on the Eclipse ?
How to put on the Eclipse ?

A new accessory for your outfits

The Eclipse allows you to play with fashion, claim your style, affirm your originality and reveal your personality.

For men and women, wise or fancy, colorful or discrete, the Eclipse is imagined by artists and inspired by fashion.

Whether you are “Colors”, “Fun”, “Arty” or “Chic”, discover the Eclipse that will make you shine!

The COLORS line

The bold and solid-colored Eclipses in the COLORS line will enhance any outfit with a simple click. The Licorice “Réglisse”, Twilight “Nuit” and Ginger Eclipses give an understated and discreet look. The Fire “Feu”, Lemon and Fushia "Fushi" Eclipses will contrast with a sunny and fruity-patterned shirt. They combine easily with other Button Spirit product lines.

The FUN line

The FUN line is a whole other look for your outfit. Thanks to their original designs, the Fun Eclipses reveal your personality and your mood at first glance. They are joyful and colorful, with unique decorative visuals. Cute or rebellious, they cheer up your day and can be easily matched with the Colors line.

The ARTY line

The ARTY line of Eclipses is for your original and artistic side.
These button covers are adorned with patterns and paintings inspired by contemporary artists. Each model evokes a different graphic universe, so let your imagination guide you in your choice, according to your taste and mood. You will no doubt be noticed for your class and your elegance...

The CHIC line

The CHIC Eclipses are available in several understated and classic designs. The black of the grained leather, the deep red or green of the lizard scales, the pink, beige and blue hues of linen are all sure to enhance both the front and the sleeves of a shirt. So chic in a single click!

The Button Spirit case

Collect your Eclipses in a custom-made case.


Play with the Eclipses!

Have fun matching styles, patterns, colors and create your own unique collection